The one-on-one interaction is invaluable for Beth’s learning and sense of security

Mother of two Sarah Harman says the one-on-one educational benefits of PORSE have made all the difference to her two year old’s numeracy and literacy skills.

Since spending time with Napier PORSE Educator Jenny Martin, her daughter Beth has learnt communication skills beyond her years and Sarah has been blown away with her capacity for learning.

Beth Harman Jenny Martin2

“Beth’s ability at such a young age for storing new information has astounded us and Jenny has played a huge part in that.  Beth’s counting, alphabet and speech has come on in leaps and bounds, things that we didn’t necessarily teach her at home.  The close relationship she has with Jenny and the one on one time is so important for her learning,” says Sarah.

“Jenny has a really warm personality and the instant I met her and saw the children cuddling her; I knew she was right for us.  Her home is full of animals and well set up for outdoor discovery and nature play, which really appealed to us.

“As a self-employed digital analyst, I really appreciate the reliability and flexibility PORSE offers.”

Sarah and Tim have developed such a close relationship with their in-home Educator that soon they plan on sending younger son Theo (6 months), to Jenny.

“The one-on-one interaction is invaluable for Beth’s learning and sense of security.  She knows Jenny is her safety net and loves her like a family member and that’s really special.”

PORSE runs regular events in the community which Sarah says is great for Beth’s socialisation and confidence.

“It’s really nice that she gets to play and interact with other PORSE carers and children and often when we go to town, we hear friends she has made saying ‘Hi Beth!’ in the street.

“For us, PORSE is brilliant and works well.  Beth has so much fun. She’s nurtured and comes home very happy.  We couldn’t ask for anything more!”