PORSE proud to work alongside Parents Centre

PORSE is excited to announce a continued partnership with Parents Centres New Zealand Inc.

Parents Centre is the primary provider of antenatal and parent education in New Zealand and has been supporting families in their communities for over 65 years and has 17,000 members around the country. They work with parents, equipping them with knowledge, skills and support to be the best parents they can possibly be.

Through Parents Centre, families have access to quality pregnancy, childbirth and parent education, helping them through the journey of pregnancy and parenthood, providing access to support networks in local communities.

PORSE General Manager Peter Tynan says the partnership agreement was extended for another 12 months.

“PORSE is proud to be aligned with Parents Centre as we have shared-values on the importance of the first 1,000 days, which lay the foundation for a child’s life. We work with parents to ensure they have all the knowledge available to them, in order for them to be the best parents possible.”

“As New Zealand’s largest and longest-serving home-based Early Childhood Education and Care provider, we know the value in organisations such as Parents Centre which put the well-being of the family unit at the forefront of what they do.

PORSE will continue to support Parents Centre and their 46 Centres around the country in hosting community events and programmes such as the return to work hot topic events.

“We share the same family-values in supporting families on their parenting journey by finding the best childcare solution for their family. Like Parents Centre, everything we do is to help give children the best start possible,” Mr Tynan says.

 “We’re looking forward to continuing our valuable partnership and will keep working with Parents Centre to give parents the tools they need to grow great children,” Mr Tynan says.

To find out what childcare option will give your child the best start in life call PORSE today on 0800 023 456 or visit the PORSE website.

For more information on the Parents Centre programmes visit the Parents Centre website.

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