ForLife Education and Training

New Zealand’s largest in-home childcare provider, PORSE has launched an online education webinar programme it says will help meet the demand for upskilling and education from those working inside the Early Childhood Education (ECE) sector as well as parents, caregivers and even the corporate workforce. 

The ‘ForLife’ education and training programme offers a range of webinars across subjects including relationships, behaviour and communication. 

“Every one of the working in Early Childhood Education as well as Kiwi parents can access the webinars. These are live, online seminars held in real time in which people can participate through chatting, file-sharing and asking questions. It’s very interactive,” says PORSE academic manager Niamh Kelly.

The webinars designed and developed by child mental health specialists, independent researchers and ECE tutors, and offer practical guidance on how to support and grow a developing brain during the most critical years.

“We aim to provide useful, targeted, real-life training to support parents, caregivers and educators with transitions, milestones and behaviours. Some of the webinars are specifically designed for working with children while others have a broader application and will help develop relationship skills in workplaces. We have designed ‘ForLife’ to be important for upskilling of educators and those working in the ECE sector, and also as a valuable resource for parents, grandparents, caregivers and corporate employees.

PORSE is the only home-based provider in New Zealand that is an accredited Private Training Establishment with a Category One status.

The ForLife website has details of the many webinars available, including:

  • The Power of Relationships
    Hardwired for connection.
  • Talk to Me
    Communication, conversation and the foundations of language.
  • Behaviour has Meaning
    Staying connected through the tricky times.
  • The Power of Play
    Why play is important - and endangered.
  • Sleep Like a Baby
    Understanding the science of sleep, settling and supporting these in a relationship.
  • Transition to School
    Developing social and dispositional skills and familiarity with the school environment.
  • Mindfulness
    Finding calm and connection in a digital age
  • Power to Protect
    Shaken Baby prevention for Educators

ForLife webinars are offered free of charge to PORSE educators as part of their professional development. Webinar cost to families, members of the ECE sector and the community are $20 per webinar and run for one hour in the evenings.

Growing in Connection, our flagship course, focuses on what we all need to reach our full potential and encourages participants to think about how they interact and build relationships with the children in their lives. Each session focuses on a core element of what it means to be in relationship with another:

Session One  - The Developing Brain

Session Two  - Connectedness

Session Three  - Attunement

Session Four - Regulation

Session Five - Engagement

Session Six - Support

With strong links between the content and New Zealand’s early childhood education curriculum, Te  Whāriki, Growing in Connection aims to provide all adults caring for young children with up-to-date information about the developing brain, attachment theory and the importance of early relationships.

The Growing in Connection course costs $100 for all six sessions are on line and completed at your own pace. This course is also offered free of charge to PORSE educators as part of their ongoing professional development.