The New Zealand government provides 20 Hours of ECE (Early Childhood Education) to give young children the best possible start in life. This subsidy is vitally important because a quality early childhood education, such as the PORSE programme, builds lifelong foundations for successful learning.

The 20 Hours ECE government subsidy is available for all children aged three, four and five, and enrolled with licensed Ministry of Education Early Childhood Education providers who opt into the 20 Hours ECE programme. This subsidy is not means tested or calculated on how much you earn, so it’s available to all three to five year olds who enrol at PORSE.

If your child is turning three and you're already part of the PORSE family, you’ll be automatically contacted by our community team about applying for the 20 Hours ECE subsidy. If you're not currently part of PORSE, we can discuss your options with you during your enrolment. The 20 Hours ECE subsidy ceases when your child turns six or they start school. 


Call 0800 023 456 or email us to enquire about 20 Hours ECE today!