Child Attachment Theory

Research into infancy, mental health and neurobiology over the last few decades has changed our understanding of how young minds develop. It is now clear what we experience, feel and learn in our infant and toddler years are vital for emotional wellbeing. They are also essential in forging the map by which we navigate the world into adulthood.

Attachment is the way we relate to important people in our lives. It's a key element of psychological and emotional wellbeing, and forms our views about love and connection. Attachment patterns are grounded in our early experiences, during the first few years of life, providing us with the confidence and reassurance that someone will be there when we need them.

Strong & Supportive Relationships

Children form primary attachments to their parents and main caregivers. For the rest of our lives, it is the quality of these first relationships that influences our sense of self and our connections with others. PORSE encourages and enables positive and supportive relationships between all our Educators and the children they care for.

During the first nine months of life a baby’s focus will be on creating a secure attachment relationship with their mother or another primary caregiver. Once established, additional attachment relationships come on board to strengthen the child’s relationship networks and enhance subsequent emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Nurturing for all Kiwi kids

PORSE is dedicated to ensuring every child in New Zealand is nurtured within a secure attachment relationship that complements their primary bond with their family and widens their circle of security. The PORSE in-home programme allows children to develop a deep bond and experience the continuity of one special relationship with their Educator.

Discover more about secure attachment relationships and their impact on early brain development.

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