PORSE is a New Zealand born in-home childcare programme created by Jenny Yule (B.Ed, Dip. Teaching Primary, Dip Teaching ECE) from her hands-on experience tutoring nannies and teaching in the early childhood, primary and tertiary education sectors.

Along with qualified nurse Leslie Gaston, Jenny co-founded Bay Nanny Childcare Network in 1994. PORSE was New Zealand's first nanny childcare service to be chartered by the Ministry of Education.

Our programmes support adults to learn more about themselves, attachment relationships and how to nurture children during the most important years of play, learning and development.

Today PORSE works with thousands of people throughout New Zealand offering in-home childcare services, community play and learning programmes, on the job training and STAR/Gateway unit standards for secondary school students.

PORSE understands:

  • The need for double income families and women returning to the workforce - PORSE has purposefully created a new model of childcare that will prevent the institutionalisation of infants for long hours in day care.
  • The importance for young children to develop meaningful relationships with a small number of significant adults known to the family - PORSE has created services to share the parenting role for when a parent is not at home or requires additional support.
  • That a settled home is crucial for unfolding a child's full potential during the critical stages of early brain development.
  • The importance of a rich childhood - PORSE offers childcare and early childhood education that stays in touch with the magic and spontaneity of childhood in a home and community setting.
  • The positive returns to society when investing in a child's early years - PORSE has established career pathways for educators and parents to develop child focused attitudes, skills and knowledge that will nurture young children for the best start in life.
  • The NZ government strategic plan for early childhood education - PORSE is using education subsidies as an investment into health, welfare and parenting programmes. At the same time increasing participation in early learning and making in-home childcare affordable and accessible to all NZ families.
  • The need for people to become more thoughtful and sensitively attuned to a child's emotional wellbeing - PORSE is providing a service solution to reach, immerse and support adults to raise the next generation of responsible, resilient, competent and contributing members of society.

Guided by the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whariki, PORSE is committed to nurturing respectful relationships between all ages.